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TMI have been maximising paid search campaigns since the very first days of PPC – it’s in our DNA and we love it.

In an ever increasingly complex and competitive online marketplace, best make your Biddable Media work for you with expert knowledge and know-how from the specialists at TMI. Biddable Media is any media that is bought through real time bidding. There is a marketplace (platform provided by third party) where all advertisers bid against each other for impressions and whoever wins will show the ad.

Technology means many things to many people, but what does is it mean to you? The right piece of technology often means the difference between success or failure. At TMI we have the tools to access top-tier inventory across various exchanges, as well as the insights to make your buys matter.

Creative assets come in many forms and sizes, and it is no different in biddable media. In terms of Bid Manager, creatives can range from standard gifs and jpegs, to HTML5 expandables and the newly introduced native ads. Whether you are developing creatives in house, through an agency or would like to make use of TMI as a creative partner we are more than happy to assist and make your display campaigns a success.

SEO strategies encompass three components, all necessary to achieve the optimum organic results. Technical optimisation, content optimisation and link acquisition make up the winning formula of an SEO strategy that works. At TMI, we have nurtured talented specialists in each of these areas that work together to deliver the optimum results for our clients, with the core objective to improve rankings and traffic to their websites.

Working with multiple technologies, TMI implements strategies for your brand’s improved performance on search engines.

Our teams are highly proficient and work with every aspect of search engine optimisation, from content creation to link-building. In today’s SEO, links continue to be a driving force behind your site’s ranking in search engines. It is, however, the area of SEO which also has the ability to do your site the most long-term damage. The negative impact from a previously failed SEO campaign or the impending damage from an upcoming one, can have lasting consequences for your site.…

Our teams are always on the cutting-edge of technology. With a consistently novel approach we ensure we’re never left behind in the market.

High quality SEO strategies are put in place to meet our clients business objectives. The best results come when client and agency work together to create real digital chemistry. We strive to develop a trusting relationship with all our clients and keep them happy, with customer satisfaction being our utmost priority.

PPC is 98% of Google’s income. According to the Economist Intelligence Unit, in 2017 digital advertising spend will eclipse TV spend for the first time. TMI is the ideal partner to help your business negotiate this new epoch in online marketing.

In the words of Bill Gates, “Content is King”. TMI’s content team consistently works towards improving our clients content, ensuring that it’s of a world class standard.

Big Data, more than anything else, entails the use of the appropriate technology to handle the complexity of datasets that are beyond the scope of human analysts. But what technology is appropriate, how much is needed and when to apply it are very difficult questions to answer. Let TMI guide you through the best options for you.

To complete any task successfully, the correct tools and skilled hands are required. The same applies for your business in this day and age where the ideal technology partner is required to get the job done. Search no further than TMI and the DoubleClick Suite.

Utilising data correctly is fundamental to our business. Whether it be developing an audience or a content strategy, the data remains the ultimate driving force behind our approach. Content Marketing creates social noise and boosting your brand’s SEO value. Our team begins by immersing themselves in your brand, the data available and creating content that is both engaging and relevant.

Innovation is the soul of our business. All our content is executed through a thorough testing strategy, allowing for an ever-evolving set of solutions.

Optimal performance is essential, our content undergoes consistent and rigorous evaluation to ensure it meets the necessary criteria matched to each individual client.

Let us help your brand to become part of online conversations, positively shape it, and ultimately become a “go to” online presence that is both beneficial to yourself and your customers! We maintain a responsible attitude towards our clients’ investments. Through advanced modelling we constantly assess the value of content we deliver to ensure your satisfaction. At TMI, our content team see themselves as enablers for better digital performance through the content they create and not as a roadblock to…

Data shouldn’t just be captured and stored, but rather, it should be mined for insights and those insights should be deployed in continual campaign optimisations.

Automating important aspects of your digital marketing campaigns is, despite the connotations associated with the term, the very opposite of an agency abrogating its responsibility to engage in daily account monitoring, management and optimisation. Rather, it is the almost counter-intuitive and humbling admission that software is superior to human management in some areas and inferior in others. For the sake of their clients, human campaign managers must play to their strengths.

How does one determine where conversions and sales come from? One could simply guess… but thankfully you don’t have to with the Attribution and Reporting tools available at TMI. Sources of conversions and sales can be accurately identified by using a rule, or set of rules, commonly referred to as Attribution Modelling.

At TMI we see Paid Social as not only as a channel that can operate efficiently by itself, but also as a key part of any digital marketing strategy regardless of which vertical the client operates in. Through the use of Facebook, Twitter and Instagram among others we aim to drive unique conversions as well as assist the overall conversion journey from other channels within the digital marketing mix.

Campaign level is where the advertising objective is decided. Setting up campaigns properly can help better organise, optimise and measure performance of ads.

Ad set level is where you determine your target audience, placements, budget and bidding type. This section will cover specifically - target audience and placement options.

This is where you define the maximum amount you are willing to spend in an ad set and your bidding objective.

At Ad level you decide on the design of the advert – creative, text, call-to-action and landing page.

Whether drawing up a PPC campaign for the first time or intending to improve upon an existing campaign inherited from a previous agency, keyword research is mandated at the most granular possible level. These considerations apply not only to match type, bidding and negative keyword coverage but, where applicable, to a punctilious audit of the engine metrics associated with the historical performance of all active keywords in an account.

Just like an investor diversifies his portfolio, we at TMI take a similar approach to running RTB campaigns. As every client is unique and each industry standard different, we make use of all the tools available through DBM creating an expansive campaign approach, through which we can optimise and zone in on the areas that work.

Some say beauty is in the eye of the beholder and others say a report is only as good as he who understands it. But we say reporting should be clear and insightful for anyone with an eye to see. Therefore, make your Biddable Media Reporting easy with insightful and powerful reports at your disposal with TMI.

TMI was founded in 2008 by Grant Macfarlane who holds the distinction of being Google UK’s first AdWords staff member when he was hired in 2002. From the outset, Grant has imbued TMI’s campaign planning and management with the institutional DNA he inherited from his tenure at this epoch-defining company

The phrase ‘Big Data’ rapidly went from catchy harbinger of the maturing internet age to a profoundly cliched expression with such varied use as to be functionally meaningless. But that doesn’t mean that ‘Big Data’ doesn’t mean anything.

The methodology underpinning A/B testing is at the heart of the scientific method. This places A/B testing in very esteemed company in the annals of technological progress and contextualises the practice within the broader project of epistemology - the undertaking by which science establishes what constitutes factual knowledge as opposed to supposition, superstition and the product of faulty reasoning.

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